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Fosso di Quarciccio

In the farthest part of Moro valley there are the gorges and waterfalls of Fosso di Quarciccio, offering an overall long, charming and not trivial canyoning trail.

Name Fosso di Quarciccio
Area Lazio, Monti Lucretili
Nearest village Cineto Romano
Elevation loss 355 m
Length 1250 m
Highest cascade 28 m
Rock Limestone
Shuttle Possible with off-road vehicles
Explored by Michele Angileri; january 20 2018


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I remember ...

The terrible drought of 2017 made me postpone the exploration of Fosso di Quarciccio for almost a year, waiting for the right conditions to enjoy a nice day in a place that, I was convinced, would not have disappointed me.

And it was so: the right conditions came and the Fosso turned out even better than I expected.

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