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Valle Fara (ramo destro)

In the north-west part of Sabini Mounts we find the wide gorge of Valle Fara. A gravel road goes up the valley till 510 meters ASL. Above the valley splits into creeks that feature falls and narrows.
The rightmost branch of Valle Fara is a typical canyon of Sabina, almost dry and featuring numerous cascades.

Name Valle Fara (ramo destro)
Area Umbria, Monti Sabini
Nearest village Finocchieto (fraz. Stroncone)
Elevation loss 260 m
Length 1100 m
Highest cascade 24 m
Rock limestone
Shuttle No
Explored by Michele Angileri, Renato Donati, Andrea Pucci; may 1st 2005


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I remember ...

It was an unusually warm beginning of May (practically summer). But the gorges are fresh places, and so we spent a beautiful, peaceful day chatting as we descended a gorge that gave us some concern only at the landslide.

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