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Torrente Longano

Longano Torrent comes to life from the numerous valleys that cut through the mountains north-east of Longano village. Karst makes these valleys dry for many months of the year, but copious karst springs guarantee a perennial water flow to the lower part of the stream. Here is the Longanello Waterfall, a paradise of water and moss at the bottom of a gorge surrounded by woods.

The streams that make up Longano Torrent allow some canyoning routes with a strong hiking character, featuring few little waterfalls and long walks. The route proposed in this page starts from Fosso Richipone, one of the upper branches of Longano creek, and continues along the lower part, including Longanello waterfall.

Name Torrente Longano
Area Molise
Nearest village Longano
Elevation loss 220 m
Length 2800 m
Highest cascade 10 m
Rock Limestone
Shuttle Possible
Explored by Michele Angileri; September 11th 2022 and July 15th 2023


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I remember ...

The first time I went down the Longano creek it was September, and the valleys above were all dry. So I decided to limit the descent to lower section only, postponing the rest of the exploration to another season. To be honest, I thought the lower part was more challenging, but the interesting part turned out to be shorter and simpler than I expected.

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