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Albegna Inferiore

Even skilled canyoneners cannot figure there could be canyons between the sweet hills of Tuscany. In fact no canyoning trails have been known till 2011 in the whole wide area between south of river Arno, with one exception: the narrows of river Albegna. Known since time immemorial, the tight corridors dug by Albegna in the white limestones near Semproniano give canyoneers a nice, easy, short canyoning trail that in summer, when river gets dry, can be done without any technical gear. In winter or spring the large flow-rate of river Albegna increases the beauty of the trail but, of course, its dangers too.

Name Albegna Inferiore
Area Toscana
Nearest village Semproniano
Elevation loss 30 m
Length 1400 m
Highest cascade 10 m
Rock Limestone
Shuttle Possible
Explored by ???


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Although it is known from a lot of time, very few people have gone through the white corridors of Albegna. It's perhaps due to the distance from main highways and towns, or to the intermediate difficulty of the trail (surely too difficult for hikers, maybe too easy for canyoneers). I don't know, but I don't care. A solitary place has more charm, and nothing is trying to divert the attention from the landscape, the emerald water that flows quiet or turbulent between the white walls, while I'm being carried by the stream.

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