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Cascata di Giglietto

Far from roads and houses, inside a small universe of cliffs and woods, lies Giglietto waterfall, the highest in this part of Calabria. It is preceded by a short gorge dug by the perennial waters of Manzella creek.
Reaching the waterfall even just to see it from below is not easy but it is worth it, because the place where it is located is beautiful and solitary. But, of course, it is by descending the gorge that you can admire all the aspects of this very particular environment...

Name Cascata di Giglietto
Area Calabria
Nearest village Carfizzi
Elevation loss 60 m
Length 200 m
Highest cascade 46 m
Rock Conglomerate
Shuttle No
Explored by Sabine Branca, Pascal Cervesato; august 2010


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I remember ...

From satellite photos it was clear that there was a tall waterfall there, but probably little else. So for a few years I gave priority to other explorations. When I finally decided to go, I found the video of first descent of the fall and the preceding narrow, made the summer before by two French people who descended from local people emigrated to France. The descent technique was absolutely crude and even a little dangerous (a long rope tied to a tree at the beginning of the gorge and stretched along all the waterfalls...) but the feat was successful. I obviously equipped the descent with bolts...

Over time the Giglietto Waterfall has become quite famous (also thanks to this website) but, being far away and difficult to reach, almost no one still goes to visit it, and the descents of the narrow can be counted on one hand.

Video by Michele Angileri and Lorenzo Albanese

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