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Torrente Cānnovo

The most typical landscape of Sila range is made of wide-eyed forests that cover soft, degraded granite reliefs furrowed by hidden valleys in which perennial streams flow.
In one of these hidden valleys we find the slides and the pools of Cānnovo creek, ready to offer us a wonderful aquatic descent with few difficulties in a magnificent natural setting.

Name Torrente Cānnovo
Area Calabria
Nearest village Savelli
Elevation loss 270 m
Length 2800 m
Highest cascade 15 m
Rock Granite
Shuttle Possible with off-road vehicles
Explored by Michele Angileri, Domenico Riga, Giuseppe Viggiani; august 3 2017


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I remember ...

The particularly intense and persistent heat of summer was added to the terrible drought of 2017 (the less rainy year ever, absolutely). Even at 1000 m elevation, in the forests of Sila massif, temperatures reached 34°C in those days.
But in the Cānnovo heat and drought simply didn't exist: the water flowed plentiful and fresh giving us a day of relaxing sport in a lush valley that seemed to be hundreds of kilometers from the red-hot beaches and hills burned by sun and fires.

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