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Torrente Ussita

The Valnerina (the valley of river Nera), almost all located in Umbria, originates on the slopes of Sibillini Mounts, which from the administrative point of view are part of the Marche region. The karst water of the Sibillini feed the headwaters of river Nera, and so do the streams of the west-central portion of the massif. The main among these ones is Torrente Ussita, by the homonymous village (a popular place for summer and winter holidays).

The median portion of torrent Ussita consists in a pretty canyon traversed by a perennial water flow. The canyon starts with a sequence of cascades known locally as Cascate delle Callarelle.

Name Torrente Ussita
Area Marche, Valnerina - Monti Sibillini
Nearest village Ussita
Elevation loss 170 m
Length 1500 m
Highest cascade 19 m
Rock Limestone
Shuttle Possible
Explored by Alessandro Cavalieri, Carlo Gatti, Alberto Nonni; spring 1999


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The exploration of the streams at the head of Valnerina has been carried out since the 80s. Strangely, however, the main stream, the one that collects the waters of the others in the area, was neglected by the explorers of the canyons of Sibillini Mounts. The discovery of Ussita canyon happened years later.
Still today this canyoning route is little known.

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