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Acqua Aramiccia

Among the perennial springs of the Całto area, on the eastern side of the Ernici Mountains at about 1000 m of altitude, there is the Acqua Aramiccia. The stream that springs from it flows into a deep waterfall enclosed in a gorge that makes it invisible from the outside. However, you can clearly hear the sound of water falling down and figure what's inside the gorge.

Name Acqua Aramiccia
Area Abruzzo, Valle Roveto
Nearest village Morino
Elevation loss 150 m
Length 300 m
Highest cascade 40 m
Rock Limestone
Shuttle No
Explored by Michele Angileri; June 2nd 2022


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I remember ...

A first exploration attempt failed because that day, while climbing up the access path, I realized that I was not feeling well. The descent was not physically demanding, but I did not want to take any risks, not even that of stressing the body and thus delaying healing.
The wise decision, however, meant that the second attempt took place after a year (same old story: commitments, bad weather, drought, ...)

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