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Fosso Cimini

Fosso Cimini is a steep valley, usually dry, a tributary of Valle delle Chiuse. Just before the confluence, the valley becomes a canyon featuring a nice sequence of falls reminding the ones of Prenestini range.

Name Fosso Cimini
Area Lazio - Valle dell'Aniene
Nearest village Licenza
Elevation loss 230 m
Length 550 m
Highest cascade 24 m
Rock Limestone
Shuttle No
Explored by ???


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I remember ...

The Cimini was explored in the nineties, but I don't know by whom (Dobosz?). Once I had the news, I did a reconnaissance. I remember I went down along the valley for long, but it didn't seem interesting at all to me. So I never did a complete descent.

20 years after I wasn't looking for interesting unexplored canyons only. My interest had turned towards routes by which I could learn more about a certain area, no matter if they had been explored yet by someone else. I still never had been in lower Cimini valley nor in Chiuse valley, so I thought that was the time to go there with my canyoning gear.
Again the valley seemed totally uninteresting as a canyoning route: I could walk on the sides rather than the creekbed, avoiding a few little dryfalls. Barbed wire fences and old tracks were telling me that was not a wild place.
I came to the point of definitively stopping the descent and trying to return back following a track aside a fence, so that I could dedicate the rest of the day searching for some new canyon. After a few steps along the track, however, it seemed to me that below the valley was becoming steeper: was it the illusion of a frustrated canyons searcher? I laid my heavy backpack and went down along valley's side, to take the last look.

That was the beginning of Cimini canyon, at last!

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