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Fosso di San Potito

From Ovindoli's meadows the Fosso di San Potito goes down, open and vertical, in front of the hill where San Potito's castle stood.
The Fosso is almost a single fall, a continuous sequence of jumps dug in grey limestone and covered by yellow travertine.

Name Fosso di San Potito
Area Abruzzo
Nearest village Ovindoli
Elevation loss 230 m
Length 400 m
Highest cascade 35 m
Rock Limestone
Shuttle No
Explored by Michele Angileri; June 5th 1993


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I remember ...

I went to explore San Potito's creek a few days after exploring Fosso di Curti canyon, and I was disappointed. The San Potito hadn't any narrow, there was much more vegetation, the falls were less vertical...
I couldn't make sense of that descent: perhaps it was better to admire the waterfall from outside rather than struggle on that endless sequence of jumps.

I came back to San Potito's creek a few years later, and I appreciated it more than the first time. The third time I began to understand the beauty of those sun-kissed jumps, and I went back again, and again, ...

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