canyon exploring with Michele Angileri


Ultralight ropes canyoning technique

a multimedia book by Michele Angileri
  1. Table of contents (free access)
  2. Introduction (free access)
  3. Ultralight ropes
  4. Canyoning gear
  5. Descender
  6. Rope managing
  7. Anchors
  8. Into a pool
  9. Advanced techniques
  10. Wear of ropes
  11. Updates (free access)

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Warning. This book is for people able to reflect on the dangers and risks peculiar to canyon environment and canyoning activity. It speaks to people who can take responsibility for their choices on itineraries, proper techniques and gear, aware that the wrong choice could be very dangerous. What is showed in this book comes from years of activity and tests on ultralight ropes techniques, but they are not complete: there might be some cases where using these techniques could put you in danger. It happened, once.
I trust these techniques and materials and use them in every canyon I go (since year 2004), but you must keep in mind that no one certifies these techniques and materials. So if you will choose to use ultralight ropes you will do it at your own risk.

By checking the box I declare having read and understood that using techniques explained in this multimedia book might put me in danger. I will use these techniques only after having fully understood how to do and the risks they might involve. I am aware that canyoning is an activity that could cause injuries, even fatal ones.


Copyright © 2002- Michele Angileri. All rights reserved.

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