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Cascata delle Vallocchie

Behind Castel di Tora (a charming village perched on lake Turano) there is the nice Vallocchie waterfall. It can be easily reached by a tourist trail with wooden walkways. To say it all, the walkways are not maintained since many years and they are going to ruin. Probably the realization of the tourist path (which is part of a network of paths made some years ago by the municipality of Castel di Tora) did not bring that stream of visitors who was expected ...
In fact, the cascade of Vallocchie is still poorly known. It is not, in truth, a particularly majestic or impressive phenomenon, either because the modest flow of water, either because the waterfall is located in a gorge which allows the observation only at close range. The perspective from below doesn't allow appreciating the size nor the unusual shape of travertine columns. Only rappeling the cascade you can catch its real dimensions and beauty.

The descent of the waterfall and the short narrow upstream is pleasant and can be done in less than 2 hours including approach and return.

Name Cascata delle Vallocchie
Area Lazio, valle del Turano
Nearest village Castel di Tora
Elevation loss 40 m
Length 50 m
Highest cascade 29 m
Rock Limestone, travertine
Shuttle No
Explored by First abseiling: Michele Angileri; may 14th 2013


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I remember ...

15 years passed since my first visit to Vallocchie waterfall as a tourist, until the day when I decided to rappel it. I was always taken by other things, other streams to explore ...
When I finally decided it happened almost by accident: I was in the area to explore another stream which proved of no interest. So I thought of "console myself" occupying the little time left in the day with the descent of the nearby waterfall of Vallocchie, of which I had a vague memory.
And it was a good way to occupy my time, yes.

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