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Fosso di Vallec¨pola

At the foot of the ramparts of Mount Navegna we find the very short, easy canyon of Fosso di Vallecupola offering us the way to spend a couple of enjoyable and carefree hours.

Name Fosso di Vallec¨pola
Area Lazio
Nearest village Varco Sabino
Elevation loss 60 m
Length 300 m
Highest cascade 15 m
Rock Limestone
Shuttle No
Explored by Michele Angileri; may 24 2014


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I remember ...

That the descent of Fosso di Vallecupola was enjoyable and carefree I can say now that I did, but I remember that in reality it wasn't just so ... Vegetation in this area is no joke, and in exploration I did not know which was the best point to enter into the creek, so, in spite of myself, I had to pass barriers of branches and thorns before reaching the interesting part.
But, evidently, extricating myself in the midst of dense, tough and thorny vegetation of the initial part of canyon was not too unpleasant, as the waterfalls and pools in the end were enough to make me forget the vegetation and leave a positive overall memory of the day!

And this is canyoning in Salto and Turano valleys: the jungle is part of the game (in fact, it can be much, much worse than this), and those who cannot stand it should better go canyoning elsewhere.

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