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Torrente Pizzinno

Torrente Pizzinno is a tributary of river Noce, very near to Tirreno sea. Torrent is fed by rich karst springs, giving it a large flow even in summer.
Pizzinno digs a short tight canyon, where water make dangerous whirls and cascades impossible to be rappelled under the waterflow.
In the tightest point a splendid arch of stone adds more beauty to a very beautiful place.

A short but intense canyoning trail to be done with experience and caution.

Name Torrente Pizzinno
Area Calabria, alto Tirreno calabrese
Nearest village TÚrtora
Elevation loss 70 m
Length 400 m
Highest cascade 15 m
Rock Limestone
Rating6 (summer)
Shuttle No
Explored by Michele Angileri, Andrea Monaco, Gaetano Peluso; october 6th 2001


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I remember ...

I was tired, because the day before we had explored Canale dell'Arma. I didn't trust in my forces, didn't trust in that stream with so much flow ... At the top of first waterfall I say to Gaetano and Andrea to go on without me. They go, abseil the waterfall and disappear beyond the handle. I remain some minutes there, thinking.
But in a couple of minutes Gaetano's voice calls to me: "after the waterfall it is a comfortable escape, come and see!". So I go, so at last the exploration was done by three guys!

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