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Valle Ferrara

Valle Ferrara is an open steep valley usually dry, surrounded by the forest of Sabini Mounts. It features numerous little dryfalls to be rappeled or downclimbed.
It's an easy and relaxing canyoning route.

Name Valle Ferrara
Area Lazio
Nearest village Casperia
Elevation loss 285 m
Length 1400 m
Highest cascade 14 m
Rock Limestone
Shuttle No
Explored by Michele Angileri; january 10 2015


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I remember ...

The first time I went to Valle Ferrara searching for new canyons, I went up the valley since I became convinced that there was no canyons there.

20 years later my thoughts went to Valle Ferrara again: I didn't climb the whole valley and the canyon I was looking for might hide in the upper part.
So I returned to Valle Ferrara, and went up along the whole valley climbing the steep sides, because there were cascades in the bed though it has only a couple of short narrows. So I had been right: Valle Ferrara was not a true canyon.

Once at home, I reflected if it would be worth descending the valley along the bed ... It would have required a few rappels and downclimbings ...

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