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Fosso dei Caprini

At the border between Lazio and Abruzzo rise Laga Mounts. They are made of a stack of layers of sandstone more than 1000 meters thick, placed on marl layers. All layers immerse at east, so the western part of Laga (in Lazio) is much steeper and rocky than the rest. All mountaintops rise above 2000 meters (the highest is about 2500 meters). Winter climate is very cold and snowy in Laga mounts.

Laga mounts are rich in water, because it rains enough, but also because sandstone doesn't allow water to go undergroud. There are a lot of streams, and a lot of magnificent waterfalls. In winter they are suitable for ice-climbing (in fact this is the southest place in Italy where doing ice-climbing). In summer the hardest streams are an ideal canyoning terrain with unusual features, long accessess, low water temperature (due to the height above sea level) and the presence of snow fields and tunnels till the beginning of summer.

The landscape in Laga mounts is really great!

Streams which are born in the area between the magnificent pyramid of Pizzo di Sevo and the square Cima Lepri join together to give birth to Fosso del Molinaro. All of them are interesting to canyoneers, but Fosso dei Caprini is the least one, because it consists in a valley in the beeches forest and it is almost always dry (except in its last part, due to a perennial spring).
However it owns enough elements to spend a day of sport in a beautiful environment.

Name Fosso dei Caprini
Area Lazio, Monti della Laga
Nearest village Amatrice
Elevation loss 470 m
Length 1,5 km
Highest cascade 40 m
Rock Sandstone
Shuttle Indispensable
Explored by Michele Angileri, Andrea Pucci; october 12 2008.


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I remember ...

I didn't believe that Fosso dei Caprini could be an interesting canyon, and so I had not much intention in exploring it. Curiosity about Caprini, however, came occasionally ... would it be worth? ... there is enough difference in height ... how many dry cascades ... map doesn't show exactly where it passes ...

A lot of hypoteses came and went to my head ... till curiosity had its victory, as always!

Photos and video by Michele Angileri and Andrea Pucci

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