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Michele Angileri

You can find the Sublime and the Beautiful together if you, like me, go through the canyons dug by streams and rivers on mountainsides, between rocky hills or in the bottom of plateaus. No need to go in a far trendy place, one of those shown by tv documentaries: just go to the nearest hill or mountain and begin hiking to discover wild little worlds you didn't even imagine. If you don't stop searching you will find places that are Sublime because they are hostile and grand, and extraordinarily beautiful because of their natural dimension, the ever-changing dynamic balance that you see here much clearly than in other places.

By going through canyons I find also other things I need. I find something very different to my everyday life. I find places and events that are able to enter my head so deep to break the continuous flow of thoughts. I find the rocks, water, trees, time. I find the physical effort I need to balance my sedentary days. I find the underlying theme of my travels. I find the pleasure to discover places Man has never seen before.
This is the paradox: in Italy (inhabited since millenniums) there are still hundreds of unknown canyons, where no one has ever put his feet, unexplored.

Since 1985 canyons are an important part of my life. In this website I tell you about 343 italian canyons which saw me as the first going through (alone or with some friends), but also about:

  • 23 canyons re-explored by me: they are marked by *R* in menu
  • 79 almost unknown or little known canyons: they appear in a different font in menu
  • 23 "classic" (well known) canyons: they appear in italic font in menu

This website is at the same time a database, a diary, a photo-album. Enjoy.

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