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Rio di Fonte Acquasanta

The upper Valle Fara is made of two main creeks and three tributaries, all interesting for canyoning in the wet season.
The little Rio di Fonte Acquasanta creek is born from a spring on a little grassy plain used for livestock breeding. It goes down steep to Rio Campo dell'Acqua (one of the main branches of Valle Fara), in a continuous sequence of falls through the woods. Environment gets more rocky as long as you approach to the main branch.

Name Rio di Fonte Acquasanta
Area Umbria, Monti Sabini
Nearest village Finocchieto
Elevation loss 260 m
Length 1 km
Highest cascade 15 m
Rock limestone
Shuttle No
Explored by Michele Angileri; February 6th 2021


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I remember ...

It was 15 years after the exploratory descent of the two main branches of Valle Fara that I realized that the secondary branches were also interesting. The idea sparked during a solo repetition of Rio Campo dell'Acqua. When you are alone you have more time and energy to look around, not distracted by conversations or attention towards your companions, and without those social dynamics that push the group to move forward by inertia like a bison. So I had the calm and attention necessary to notice a point from which it is possible to go up and take a look at the tributary that comes from Fonte Acquasanta. Having found that the tributary descended in falls in a nice vegetated gorge, I had only to schedule the exploration :-)

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