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Torrente Saraceno

The great Fiumara Saraceno, the most beautiful among the fiumare in northmost ionian side of Calabria, originates from a few creeks that go down the steep slopes of mount Sparviere, made of sandstone, marl and flysch. These rocks are easily broken up, and it is this feature to make possible the genesis of the fiumare, the very large river beds made of debris that are typical in Calabria. For the same reason rocks are not good for hosting canyons.
Nevertheless the main creek of upper Saraceno (Canale della Previtera) has a suggestive gorge although brief, which gives us the excuse to visit the beautiful, particular environment of this corner of Calabria.

Name Torrente Saraceno
Area Pollino
Nearest village Alessandria del Carretto
Elevation loss 200 m
Length 1500 m
Highest cascade 8 m
Rock Sandstone, marl
Shuttle Requires 2 4WD vehicles
Explored by G.S. "Sparviere"; 1995 or so;
First canyoning descent: Michele Angileri; august 1998


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I remember ...

It was Nino La Rocca who told me about the canyon of Saraceno. Of course I went there, bottom-up the first time. I climbed the whole canyon, till the bottom of the only cascade that requires the rope. Next time I went there top-down and I bolted the waterfall, which had no previous anchors.

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