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Riu Cappedda Manna

At the edge of plateau, Riu Cappedda Manna jumps down to the valley of Rio San Giorgio in a beautiful sequence of cascades embedded in a spectacular scenery. But once at the foot of last cascade you'll be still far from Rio San Giorgio, from you car, from "civilization", far from everything but the Beauty and Peace.

Name Riu Cappedda Manna
Area Sardegna, Salto di Quirra
Nearest village Perdasdefogu
Elevation loss 305 m
Length 3 km
Highest cascade 40 m
Rock Metamorphic sandstone, schists
Shuttle Needed
Explored by Emanuele Abbazia, Michele Angileri, Renato Donati, Andrea Pucci: march 6 2011


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I remember ...

Today satellite images freely available on the Internet have reached a previously unthinkable detail: you can even distinguish a path amidst the steep bush on the sides of Quirra plateau!
Look at this one: you see, it starts at the end of Riu Cappedda Manna and goes up, ending on the road very near to where we will park the car. This (I thought) would prevent us from the long shuttle service that we did one year ago.

Yes, satellite images have reached a very high detail, so high that when at place we had to realize that path could be seen only from the sky. With the feet on the ground all we could see was dense bush, all around. Would we have been able finding the way up? So we separated: Renato and Emanuele would have gone through the known path, the one we did last year, but at its end they would have found no shuttle car waiting. Once on the plateau they would have tried hitching (but who would ever have passed there, on sunday afternoon?) I and Andrea would have continued searching for the phantom path through the bush.

At last we did it, all of us: they found a shepherd who carried them to Perdasdefogu and we found the phantom path that led to our car in an hour and a half.

Today satellite images available on the Internet have reached an unthinkable detail ... that's why my advice is: don't think about them! When planning a trail through an unknown place choose large paths and cartways and roads even though they seem much longer.

Photos and video by Michele Angileri and Andrea Pucci

Copyright © 2002- Michele Angileri. All rights reserved.