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Fosso delle Vaschette

The peculiarity of this modest tributary of Fosso Marangone is in the riverbed formed by an uninterrupted succession of little pools made by travertine dams, sometimes wide and deep. Walking along the riverbed means therefore making continuous ups and downs on the travertine dams, in and out of water: a strenuous and unusual progression in a stream that without the dams and pools would have been too easy.

Name Fosso delle Vaschette
Area Lazio - valle del Turano
Nearest village Stipes
Elevation loss 170 m
Length 1300 m
Highest cascade 8 m
Rock Limestone, travertine
Shuttle No
Explored by Michele Angileri; february 16th 2019


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I remember ...

For the exploration of the Fosso I waited for rains to have recharged aquifers and streams. The good water flow, however, had the side effect of transporting downstream the silt I raised while I was crossing the pools. After a while in front of me the water became murky and it was even more difficult to go on in a continuous up and down on friable travertine without seeing where I put my feet ...

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