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Fosso dei Varconi

The Varconi canyon descends gently towards the nearby Lake Corbara, enclosed between walls surmounted by often impenetrable vegetation. Stone corridors follow one another for a long time, very narrow in some points, wider in others, with small waterfalls and downclimbs, giving sensations of strong isolation and wilderness.
But when the gorge is over adventure is not, since Varconi valley is truly wild ...

Name Fosso dei Varconi
Area Colline umbre
Nearest village Civitella del Lago
Elevation loss 130 m
Length 1300 m
Highest cascade 6 m
Rock Pink and white limestone, marl
Shuttle Possible
Explored by Michele Angileri; November 13th 2022


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The vegetation of the Umbrian hills can sometimes be hostile, but it becomes absolutely terrible after a forest cut. Since there are no longer trees to feed on sunlight, this becomes available to shrubs. If the area is humid, the ground quickly becomes covered with brambles, hawthorns, sarsaparillas, ... which intertwine with broom, myrtle, strawberry tree shrubs and collapsed trees, creating impassable barriers against which the dark gorge between landsliding walls just descended seems a peaceful place.

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