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Fosso Sumiale

The northern part of Monti Sabini features a kind limestone more compact than the usual Sabini one. So we can find tighter narrows and nice white erosions, as the ones in Fosso Sumiale.

Name Fosso Sumiale
Area Lazio, Monti Sabini
Nearest village Pič di Moggio (Rieti)
Elevation loss 175 m
Length 500 m
Highest cascade 18 m
Rock Limestone
Shuttle Possible, though not indispensable
Explored by Carlo Gatti, Sandra Romualdini; 1992


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I remember ...

In spring 2004 Renato often went to Piediluco Lake, to work to the preparation of boat-races field. He noted a steep meandering valley while driving to Piediluco. Obviously he gave it a look deep inside, then phoned me togive the good news ... Some days after we were there together to explore that canyon. The bolts placed at the waterfalls showed us it was descended before, though among italian canyoneers no one seems to know about this little nice canyon.

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