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Bacu de Salumina

The splendid Codula di Luna is among the main valleys of that part of Sardinia known as Supramonte. It is a wide limestone area. Rock is ancient and extraordinarily compact and white. There are so many pits and caverns, which drain all the water to the underground, leaving no flowing stream on the surface. Many deep rocky valleys and canyons cut the Supramonte, but water flows in them only in case of very heavy showers. The only settlements in this wide area are some isolated folds, far from the roads and now mainly abandoned. Supramonte is a harsh but majestically beautiful land.

The main faults of Supramonte area are oriented north-south (as in the whole southeastern Sardinia). So main valleys, as Codula di Luna, develop parallelly to coastline. Codula di Luna flows in the widest among Supramonte's faults, so wide that granite rocks surface. Waters can flow on granite rock, without going to underground. So the first part of Codula di Luna and its tributaries have some permanent flow. Last part of Codula di Luna develops instead in limestones, and so it have usually no water flow. Its dry bed meanders at the bottom of a majestic canyon, ending to the sea. Its mouth is the famous splendid beach ofCala Luna.

Bacu de Salumina is the main among the tributaries of first part of Codula di Luna. It winds in a rocky sunny granite environment, with waterfalls and pools of emerald water.

Name Bacu de Salumina
Area Sardegna, Supramonte
Nearest village Urzulei
Elevation loss 615 m
Length 4,5 km
Highest cascade 32 m
Rock White granite
Shuttle Indispensable
Explored by Michele Angileri, Andrea Pucci, Carlo Scappaticci; may 2nd 2008


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I remember ...

We were in Sardinia to explore unknown canyons like Bacu de Salumina, but there's something to clarify about the words unknown and exploration.
Here Man lives since millenniums, hunting, breeding, cutting trees to have firewood, fishing. Bacu de Salumina is known to human activities. There were many paths reaching the river, and still someone uses them.

But go through this canyon it is necessary to use ropes and to swim in pools. This is the only way to see the whole canyon, and we were the first to do it.

Photos by Michele Angileri and Andrea Pucci

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