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Rio Paterno

A short nice canyon definitively abandoned by water.

Name Rio Paterno
Area Umbria
Nearest village Paterno
Elevation loss 185 m
Length 750 m
Highest cascade 12 m
Rock Pink limestone
Shuttle Possible
Explored by Nilio Conti; 2004


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I remember ...

From the limited information received by friends or found on the internet it was not clear that the canyon was permanently inactive. In addition, some time before I had gone in the valley upstream of the canyon and I had observed a moderate water flow. So I was convinced that it was an active canyon, and so I went there in spring, believing I would have found good flow-rate.
Instead, a few hundred meters before the confluence with river Nera, the water of the Rio Paterno reaches the banks of pink limestone and here are completely absorbed into the karst network. So the last part of Rio Paterno, the narrows, are permanently without water.

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