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Fosso della Mola

Fosso della Mola has the widest basin among streams in Balzi area, and this makes it the little aquatic jewel of the area. It features splendid erotions in conglomerate rock, pools and cascades in an unique variety. It features also a charming tunnel under a chaos of boulders.

Name Fosso della Mola
Area Lazio, Balzi di Grotti
Nearest village Grotti (Rieti)
Elevation loss 220 m
Length 1500 m
Highest cascade 12 m
Rock Conglomerate
Rating3 - 5
Shuttle Possible
Explored by Michele Angileri, Daniele Ferri; July 1996
Upper part: Michele Angileri; April 25th 2021


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I remember ...

Normally you can't see canyons of Balzi area from the outside, because they are hidden by woods and perspective. Your eyes see nothing more than a wooded valley, similar to thousands of valleys in the Apennines. But sometimes a change in point of view may reveal a different reality.
These were my thoughts while walking along the ledge of Madonna dei Balzi, in the part facing Fosso della Mola ... From that point of view it was clear that Mola was not only a valley but a canyon to be explored.
A few days later I did a reconnaissance. At that time no satellite or aerial imagery was available on the internet, no GPS navigator on the stores ... Only topographic maps, sold in a few specialized bookstores that often did not have the one you needed, or photocopied from some library or friend. You had to search for routes by intuition and experience. I was lucky (and also good, yes :-)): I immediately guessed the right path and the detour that led to the very beginning of the narrow.
Then came the exploratory descent, in July. A little flow accompanied us through surprises and beauty, without particular difficulties.

Over the years the Fosso della Mola gained notoriety, at first very slowly, then more decisively, until it became a destination for commercial operators who gradually began to appear also in Lazio.
I went back there a few times, actually very few (you know: I'm always busy exploring unknown canyons). I don't know when I began to think that upstream the explored part there might be more waterfalls and narrows, although probably nothing special. The only way to know was go and see, sooner or later.
Years pass. A sunday of spring 2021 I woke up without a program, and I realized that I would have liked to descend a relaxing creek, enjoy a carefree bath and some little dives in a canyon: a nice swim at Fosso della Mola! But wait ... wasn't it at the Mola that there is still a part to be explored? What do I do, am I going there? ;-)

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