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Fosso Migliari

The sweet, open and silent landscapes of the Umbrian hills hide creeks that, where the hills are made of sandstone or flysch, have water all year. Although the valleys that host them are deeper, wilder and more twisted than you would expect, they are not steep. Therefore the canyoning routes in these creeks are "environment itineraries", little more than hiking.

At Fosso Migliari the environment is beautiful and spectacular.

Name Fosso Migliari
Area Umbria
Nearest village Parrano
Elevation loss 35 m
Length 1400 m
Highest cascade 6 m
Rock Flysch
Shuttle No
Explored by First canyoning descent: Michele Angileri; may 19 2018


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I remember ...

The Umbrian hills, dotted with silent villages and ancient farmhouses, are covered by cultivated fields but also by Mediterranean woods once again become wild due to the abandonment of the agro-pastoral activities that took place in the last decades. These woods may be very dense and thorny. Vegetation hides the few existing reference points, and the deep and twisted valleys that divide the hills confuse the hiker taking it easily off course. When, after wandering for an hour or two in the middle of some steep Mediterranean jungle, you finally manage to find a cartway and follow it, you can end up very far from where you wanted to arrive.

I do not speak by hypothesis: it happened to me, several times, even having GPS with me. This also happened at the end of exploratory descent of Fosso Migliari: in theory I knew where to exit the valley, but in the attempt to find more comfortable passages I ended up very far from the car.

It was a nice adventure: I like to lose myself in nature and then find my way back.
Do you like it too?

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