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Canale Margherita

Milions and milions of years ago the tectonic plate of Calabria was very far from its current position. It was tied to France and Spain, like Sardinia and Corsica. They kept moving to east, but while Sardinia and Corsica stopped where they are today, Calabria went on its motion, till it collided with the new-born italian peninsula.

The tormented landscape of northern Calabria was made by that huge collision. It bent, broke and minced sedimentary rocks, and gave birth to Pollino and Orsomarso mounts. In some places you can see amazing evidences of the collision: the "Timpe" of San Lorenzo Bellizzi with their limestone layers uplifted from the south, or the crazy bendings of quartz-sandstone layers in the narrows of Canale Margherita. Places very different from each other, but both harsh, dangerous and deeply beautiful.

The narrow of Canale Margherita, very short and almost without difficulties, allows a quick glance at an uncommon geological peculiarity, a stone's throw from the road.

Name Canale Margherita
Area Calabria, Pollino
Nearest village Villapiana
Elevation loss 30 m
Length 150 m
Highest cascade 4 m
Rock Metamorphic sandstone
Shuttle No
Explored by Michele Angileri; august 1997


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I remember ...

The feature of canyoning that amazes me more is the closeness between unknown wilderness and everyday civilization. Unknown wild canyons are often in the neighbors of roads, villages, stores, schools, but no one is aware of them. The eye passes over extraordinary forms and shapes but the consciousness has no meaning for those forms, and so mind ignores them.
Discovering an unknown canyon needs having "new eyes" rather than visiting a new place. The discover is a stage to a better understanding of what is around us, of the world we live in.

The narrows of Canale Margherita give us the perfect example. I was born there! I spent my youth playing on the hills around Canale Margherita but never noticed there was a canyon (I didn't even know what a canyon is). I can see it from the balcony of my home, but I never realize about it. No one ever realize about it.

My eyes slowly changed, and I could see it at last!

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