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Canale di Malamorta

In the extraordinary landscape of San Lorenzo Bellizzi, hidden between the hills at the foot of Mount Sparviere, there is the splendid and scary Malamorta canyon. Rock is very hard, but it is made of thin layers crazily bent by orogeny, giving birth to extraordinary forms.

Name Canale di Malamorta
Area Calabria
Nearest village San Lorenzo Bellizzi
Elevation loss 250 m
Length 1600 m
Highest cascade 16 m
Rock Metamorphic sandstone, limestone
Shuttle Possible
Explored by Michele Angileri; august 7 2015


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I remember ...

The name Canale di Malamorta means "valley of bad death" ... The name is a clear warning, and gives the idea of a very harsh and dangerous place.
The warning echoed strong in my mind as I came to the awesome narrow enclosed by tall unstable walls, a really scary place but beautiful too.

Once completed the descent I reflected on what a "bad death" can be ... Surely dying hit by a falling stone is a bad death, but dying old in bed without ever having seen and lived a place like this is really a "good death"?

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