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Canale del Forno

The few tributary valleys of the great Fiumara Saraceno having some interest to canyoneer offer technically simple itineraries that develop in a beautiful, special and absolutely non-trivial environment. It is worth ging through them, at least once, maybe beginning with Canale del Forno, in spring or in a rainy season, when the water jets of the falls have more energy.

Name Canale del Forno
Area Calabria - Pollino
Nearest village Albidona
Elevation loss 290 m
Length 2 km
Highest cascade 12 m
Rock Marl, flysch
Shuttle No
Explored by Bottom-up: Antonio Larocca, Domenico Napoli; early nineties


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I remember ...

I did the first canyoning descent of Canale del Forno with an unusually numerous team, made of people (Armando Nuzzone, Tonino Pagliaro, Roberto Recchioni, Stefano Rossi) I had involved in a little exploration campaign of Saraceno's tributaries. Their vertical drop and length made them very attractive, but we had to discover they had only a little interest, very much easier than I had thought. The exploration campaign was overall disappointing, and even the weather conditions were, allowing us to do only two descents (one and a half, to say the truth!).

For years I kept the memory of Canale del Forno with the other uninteresting streams that I had explored (at that time I didn't know it had been explored yet by Nino Larocca and Micuzzo Napoli, bottom-up, without leaving any trace). One day, however, other canyoneers re-explored the Canale del Forno obtaining an opposite, enthusiastic impression. Their photographs on facebook, awakened in me the desire to descend the Canale again. I waited for the right chance and I did it. That time I had no "exploration performance anxiety", and the Forno gave me a nice canyoning trail, even demanding, in an environment of absolute beauty.

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