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Fosso Cognolo

Fosso Cognolo is one of the two branches that make up the upper part of Fosso della Madonnella. It is a steep, open valley featuring a sequence of cascades ending at the confluence with the other branch. Once at the confluence descent continues through Madonnella canyon.

The photographs and video show the upper part only, i.e. Fosso Cognolo. For Madonnella canyon photographs and video see Fosso della Madonnella page.

Name Fosso Cognolo
Area Lazio, Balzi di Grotti
Nearest village Casette (Rieti)
Elevation loss 285 m
Length 1100 m
Highest cascade 15 m
Rock Conglomerate
Shuttle Possible
Explored by Michele Angileri, Enrico De Bernardinis, Gaetano Peluso, Virginia Simonelli; february 17th 2002


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The exploration of Fosso della Madonnella was done from Fosso Cognolo. Though it was an exceptionally dry winter Cognolo had a little flow till the confluence with main stream.

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