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Fosso di Cecalocco

Fosso di Cecalocco is an almost fossil creek that descends to the main valley with an unexpected and beautiful sequence of waterfalls enclosed in narrows.

Name Fosso di Cecalocco
Area Umbria
Nearest village Terni
Elevation loss 165 m
Length 600 m
Highest cascade 25 m
Rock Limestone
Shuttle Possible
Explored by Malatesta, Iacuone (GGP Terni); 1991


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I remember ...

My friend Carlo had proposed to me years before: I would like to return to Fosso di Cecalocco, he told. I answered: any time you want! I use to go outdoor every weekend, and sometimes I'm free from work even on weekdays. I've never been in Cecalocco canyon, so I would like to.

But Carlo is a very busy man, both for work and for play. So a year passes, and I say to him: Our descent of Cecalocco is still pending!.
True, but the commitments ...

Yeah, the commitments ... are so many, it's true. But it's true too that people love to get embedded in the most disparate things. They seem to be in perennial search of something to limit their freedom of action, so they cannot afford even half a day fooling around in a canyon behind home. Humans sometimes appear to me like pieces of a puzzle in the free and perpetual search of a place where getting stuck forever: everyone chooses his prison freely and with satisfaction.

Another year passes, and I say: i will wait no more.

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