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Fosso Catachilla

Fosso Catachilla canyon descends along the rugged and wild slopes of the Laurenzana valley, offering a relatively simple canyoning route, to be tackled preferably in winter or spring but also enjoyable in summer.

Name Fosso Catachilla
Area Calabria - Sila
Nearest village Campana
Elevation loss 160 m
Length 1500 m
Highest cascade 12 m
Rock Phyllite
Shuttle Possible with 4WD vehicles
Explored by Michele Angileri, Saverio Talerico, Giuseppe Viggiani; August 17th 2021


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The valleys surrounding Laurenzana stream are harsh and wild, yes, but they are still places that man has used for millennia for sheep farming, agriculture and timber. The overbearing force of Calabrian nature makes the vegetation re-appropriate very fast the land subjected to cutting or devastated by a fire, making houses and dirt tracks disappear, perhaps with the complicity of a landslide destroying the only existing road to that place. That's why descending Fosso Catachilla means finding yourself completely alone in a truly wild environment.

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