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Fosso Carapelle

Fosso Carapelle is a little creek that flows to Lake Turano. At one point of his short journey, however, it reaches the edge of a high cliff from which precipitates with a sequence of cascades that, in the right season, offer a fascinating spectacle that can be seen from the hill in front.
And if looking from the hill is not enough, you can go to Fosso Carapelle with ropes and harness, discovering a lovely, unexpected canyoning descent in an unusual primordial environment.

Name Fosso Carapelle
Area Lazio, valle del Turano
Nearest village Castel di Tora
Elevation loss 90 m
Length 170 m
Highest cascade 34 m
Rock Limestone
Shuttle Possible
Explored by Michele Angileri; november 24 2013


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I remember ...

Sometimes the names given to valleys and streams express the fear that these places instilled to the peasants and shepherds who lived near there. Reading the name "Fosso Carapelle" the advice of the ancient inhabitants of the area came to me loud and clear: keep away, if you care for your life ("cara pelle"). Obviously the places that I seek are those from which the ancients stayed away, so ...
But when I found myself on the terrace above the highest waterfall I realized I was wrong to snub the ancients' advice. I thought it was easier, therefore I had not brought some things I usually carry with me in exploration. Now I needed them because the rock sounded empty and there were no trees ...

At last, of course, I found a solution (even a good one) but I've learned the lesson and I will underestimate a stream like Fosso Carapelle no more.

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