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Fosso Cantalupo

Below 1000 meters ASL, the sweet western side of Sabini Mounts is covered by dense mediterranean bush. The ancient paths and trails drawn millenniums ago by shepherds and loggers suffer aggression by the bush, which tries to reoccupy every corner, every spot. As ancient paths and trails disappear Man looses the deep ancient knowledge of the mountain. In a couple of decades mountain becomes wild again.

Canyon of Fosso Cantalupo opens in one of these wild spots of Sabini Mounts. It goes through different types of rock: white limestone, pink limestone and flysch. So its parts have different shapes and colours, depending on rock.

A nice, quite long canyoning route in a solitary place.

Name Fosso Cantalupo
Area Umbria, Monti Sabini
Nearest village Finocchieto (fraz. Stroncone)
Elevation loss 415 m
Length 2 km
Highest cascade 15 m
Rock Limestone, pink marl-limestone, flysch
Rating3 (winter, spring)
Shuttle No
Explored by Lower canyon: Michele Angileri, Andrea Pucci; January 17th 2009
Upper canyon: Michele Angileri; November 2022


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I remember ...

A picture made by a digital camera it's not a simple copy of the scenery in front of lenses. It's made by a microprocessor, which analyzes the image with the aim to make it better, more similar to the real scenery. One of the things done by camera's microprocessor is to search for a preponderant color, usually due to light's "color temperature". If detected, preponderant color is eliminated from the picture, so that natural "true" colors can appear in photograph as they would be under white light.

The trouble comes when preponderant color is not due to light, but it really belongs to the objects in the scene. If most objects are pink, camera's microprocessor will make they look white (or so) in the picture.
Keep this in mind when you photograph the pink rock of Cantalupo gorge!

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