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The precarious balance of the majestic granite pinnacles of Calamixi Canyon draw one of the most beautiful and scary scenarios in Sulcis mountains. The site is one of the favorite destinations for the most experienced among Sardinian hikers. In order to go through the canyon they must grapple with slippery rock, water, dense and spiny vegetation.
But not all the obstacles can be overcome: Calamixi is a canyoning trail, so at some point, inevitably, hikers have to stop in front of a pool too deep to be crossed without swimming, or on the edge of a waterfall too high and slippery to be downclimbed.

Of course, we did not stop.

Name Calamixi
Area Sardegna, Sulcis
Nearest village Domus De Maria
Elevation loss 300 m
Length 1700 m
Highest cascade 10 m
Rock Granite
Shuttle no
Explored by Michele Angileri, Guido Biavati, Elisabetta Pinna, Andrea Pucci: april 2 2011


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I remember ...

It was the first time for me in Sulcis. I realized it was much like other parts of Sardinia: granite, bush, solitude and the Beauty. I found the things I love.

Foto by Michele Angileri e Guido Biavati

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