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Torrente Arso

Canyon of Arso is a deep cut amidst the hills, face to the sea of Madatoriccio. It is an easy canyoning trail, but approach it's not easy because the area is scarped and bush is dense and spiny.
The perfect season to go through canyon of Arso is wet season. However Arso has little water flowing even in summer, when water becomes so warm that you can go through canyon dressed in shorts or bathing-suit only! Moreover, in august-september, the unusual fruits of Arso are mature for you to eat ...

Name Torrente Arso
Area Calabria, Sila
Nearest village Mandatoriccio
Elevation loss 90 m
Length 1 km
Highest cascade 9 m
Rock Granite
Shuttle Needed
Explored by Michele Angileri, Andrea Pucci; august 20 2009


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I remember ...

It's really hot, as usual here in summer ... So hot that we cannot think going down the canyon in the morning, because at its end there are some kilometers to be done walking in the open dry bed under the sun. Better to start in the afternoon, and not too soon ... 4 pm might be the right hour to start descent.
But it's really hot ... even in my car air conditioning is not able to prevent me from a little heat-shock. My head starts aching ... there are 39 C degrees outside ...

I make a mistake with approaching, and it wastes our time. It is 6 pm when we arrive at canyon's start, not precisely the canonic hour to start an unexplored canyoning trail!! The good news is temperature: it is ok in the canyon. There's water flowing and we can swim through pools dressed in shorts and naked torso.

We arrive at canyon's exit, and still there is half an hour before nightfall.

Photos and video by Michele Angileri and Andrea Pucci

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