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Fosso dell'Acqua Rossa

A small spring that deposits dark orange minerals gives its name to this torrent that originates from the Prenestini Mountains and runs through the volcanic soils east of Rome.
A little downstream from the spring, the stream enters a majestic and particular gorge.

Name Fosso dell'Acqua Rossa
Area Lazio - Regione vulcanica
Nearest village Gallicano nel Lazio
Elevation loss 55 m
Length 1600 m
Highest cascade 20 m
Rock Basalt, tuff, travertine
Shuttle Possible
Explored by Michele Angileri; June 11th 2022


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The interest in the naturalistic beauties around Rome is leading more and more people to discover (or rediscover) wild and unknown places, often of great beauty. The time is ripe for society to become aware of such beauties, and so it is now only a matter of time for Tom rather than Dick to notice that there is a waterfall there, or even a gorge. And if Tom waits to go, Dick also notices it, independently, and goes first, provided that in the meantime Harry hasn't noticed it too ...
Because there are now many who appreciate this kind of places and pay attention to those elements of the territory or of society that allow to locate them. But still almost no one looks for canyoning routes: canyoning remains confined to a playful-adrenaline dimension unrelated to the discovery of the territory.

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