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Fosso di Prato Natale

Fosso di Prato Natale is a tight, invisible, unexpected cut in the fields of Salisano hills. Its very short way to river Farfa features narrows and some nice waterfalls.

Name Fosso di Prato Natale
Area Lazio - Monti Sabini
Nearest village Salisano
Elevation loss 80 m
Length 700 m
Highest cascade 20 m
Rock Limestone
Shuttle Not needed
Explored by Michele Angileri; February 6th 2021


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I remember ...

I was there with a friend to descend the Fosso della Rocca gorge. I was sitting down eating a sandwich at the parking spot. It was a beautiful sunny day and no one was passing by. In the silence I could hear the sound of water flowing through Fosso della Rocca. But ... wait: Fosso della Rocca is on the opposite side. This must be another creek ...

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