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Fosso delle Prata

In the right season Fosso delle Prata goes down to Licenza valley in a continuous sequence of waterfalls enclosed in a steep-sided valley.

Name Fosso delle Prata
Area Lazio, Valle dell'Aniene
Nearest village Percile
Elevation loss 165 m
Length 500 m
Highest cascade 17 m
Rock Limestone
Shuttle Advisable
Explored by Michele Angileri; march 11 2017


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I remember ...

This autumn-winter 2016-17 is seeing very few rain and snow on the western side of Italian Peninsula, while the eastern side is being scourged by heavy storms that cause landslides and avalanches. Western side had so little rain that water level in Lake Bracciano has gone 2 m below the average, uncovering little beaches never seen before.

Without water the best thing I can do is searching for new canyons to explore as rains return.
I had to wait till march when some rains, though too little to awake most low-altitude creeks, are enough to give some flow to the streams in Aniene valley ...

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