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Fosso di Licenza

The valley of Fosso di Licenza is among the most beautiful parts of Lucretili Natural Park. The abandonment of agro-pastoral activities made the Lucretili far more savage than they were in the last century. The lush vegetation has quickly regained the flanks of the mountains, surrounding beautiful medieval villages, olive groves, cultivated fields. Moreover, the valley is rich in springs and water, feeding streams and little lakes like the famous "Lagustelli" of Percile.

The greatest part of Fosso di Licenza has no canyoning interest. Only in the upper valley we find a gorge with some little cascades. To reach it you must walk across the Lucretili woods, following forgotten paths and discovering a luxuriant, solitary valley, where the sound of water caresses and relaxes the mind. A few rappels add a bit of sporting flavor to a trail where the environment is the key point. In summer it can (it must!) be done without any wetsuit.

Name Fosso di Licenza
Area Lazio
Nearest village Percile
Elevation loss 75 m
Length 500 m
Highest cascade 12 m
Rock Limestone
Shuttle No
Explored by Michele Angileri; june 22 2016


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It happens that in an area near your home, a place where you had passed many times yet, you suddenly begin to notice the signs of the presence of a gorge that you had not noticed before. It might be a vision due to the desire to find a new gorge near home, or maybe you just need an excuse to deeply see a piece of land that you have not ever traveled ...
Sometimes it's the way of finding a new canyon, and sometimes it's nothing special ... but it's new and it's near home, and you have got another day of adventure in such a beautiful place.

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