canyon exploring with Michele Angileri

Gole di Umbriatico: u Guaione

Fosso Guaione is one of the canyons around the village of Umbriatico. It features a quite long walk and a nice sequence of waterfalls enclosed in narrows.

Name Gole di Umbriatico: u Guaione
Area Calabria
Nearest village Umbratico
Elevation loss 180 m
Length 1700 m
Highest cascade 26 m
Rock Gneiss, sandstone
Shuttle Yes
Explored by Michele Angileri, Antonio Cardamone, Domenico Riga, Giuseppe Viggiani; april 21 2017


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I remember ...

In that very mild spring Domenico and Giuseppe finally had decided to try canyoning outside summer, and they liked it a lot! Like in the rest of Italian Peninsula, some canyons get dry in summer in Calabria too, so the right season for them is winter or spring. Some of them are still unexplored, like the canyons around Umbriatico ...

Surprisingly, however, weather changed: an arctic air raid dropped down the temperatures. While I was driving on SS106 coastal highway I was looking at Sila Mounts covered by white clouds ... Too white: that looked like a snowfall! My partners, coming from Cosenza, were there, inside the snowfall: could they get to pass, at 1500 m elevation?

I reached Umbriatico and Domenico, Giuseppe and Antonio were already there (they showed me the photographs taken in the snowfall!). A cold wind was blowing strong on Umbriatico. We had in mind to explore a quite long canyon, but that was not the right weather, so we went to a shorter, easier canyon: the Guaione.

Photos by Michele Angileri and Antonio Cardamone

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