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Fosso dell'Etrica

Between the wooded hills of Valnerina there is the short but pretty gorge of Fosso dell'Etrica, featuring beautiful erosions in pink limestone and a couple of nice narrows.

Name Fosso dell'Etrica
Area Umbria, Valnerina
Nearest village Scheggino
Elevation loss 100 m
Length 500 m
Highest cascade 13 m
Rock White and pink limestone
Shuttle No
Explored by Michele Angileri; october 6th 2019


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I remember ...

I had known of Fosso dell'Etrica for years, because I had passed several times at canyon's startpoint, but I had always considered it not interesting enough to deserve an exploration. However, the last time I happened to be there, two or three years ago, I wanted to try going down the Fosso and see. Without equipment I had to stop in a few meters, at the top of a fall: well, at least the Fosso has one cascade, and probably more than one. Ok, I can come again and explore it one day that I won't have better things to do ...

The day came in october 2019. Fresh from a knee injury I needed a less tiring itinerary to get back into some training. So, finally, I went to explore the Etrica ...
... And the Fosso rewarded me with a non-trivial descent in an unbroken succession of beautiful erosions in pink limestone.

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