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Vallone di Carpineto

Vallone di Carpineto goes down through Terravecchia hills featuring few cascades and long walks in a wild mediterranean environment.
The creek is made of two main branches and some smaller ones.

Name Vallone di Carpineto
Area Calabria, Sila
Nearest village Terravecchia
Elevation loss 130 m
Length 1300 m
Highest cascade 21 m
Rock Conglomerate, sandstone
Shuttle Needed
Explored by Right branch: Michele Angileri, Carla Minisci, Saverio Talerico; april 25th 2019
Left branch: Michele Angileri, Saverio Talerico; december 24th 2019


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I remember ...

I can go exploring canyons in Calabria only during the holidays: Christmas, Easter, summer. I dedicate that summer to the search for new gorges in the hills of Cariati. The year before they had given us the splendid Morenile canyon, and I felt there must be more.
With Saverio and Carla I explored the San Leo, then the Varco, and both were beautiful surprises. The Carpineto was the third to be explored (the last one in that holiday), but the comparison with the first two was merciless: too much walk, very few rappels, nothing surprising, ... We spent a beautiful day, because a day of canyoning through the wildest nature is always beautiful, even if the gorge is not interesting.

At home I started to think. The Carpineto were made of many branches, and perhaps going down another branch than the one we descended might be a little more interesting. I convinced myself that it was worth trying from the orographic left branch, shorter and with less difference in height, but steeper and more rocky than the one we had done.
The next Chistmas I went there with Saverio and yes, descent proved to be a bit more interesting from the left branch.

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