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Torrente CÓllora - ramo sinistro (Valle di Scino)

The main branch of CÓllora creek features countless pools, waterfalls, narrows, in a wonderful and spectacular environment.

Name Torrente CÓllora - ramo sinistro (Valle di Scino)
Area Molise, Monti del Matese
Nearest village Roccamandolfi
Elevation loss 260 m
Length 2 km
Highest cascade 30 m
Rock Limestone
Shuttle Possible
Explored by Maurizio Biondi, Valerio Carlin, Giorgio Ecker, Annamaria Pinotti, Roberto Recchioni, Romy Siegl and others; april 15th 2000


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I remember ...

The descent of CÓllora's left branch it was a splendid solitary adventure that started (as always) at home, looking at the maps and satellite photos to understand where to get in and how to get back to the car once descent is over. Then the right day: the wake up at dawn, the long drive listening to music, with a stop for a sandwich and another for fuel. Finally, the beginning of descent (and it is 13:30, Roccamandolfi is far from home!), the emerald pools, the dives, the careful steps on slippery rocks, the waterfalls, the choice of rappel line and belay, the woods, the rock walls, the narrows ... and more pools, dives and waterfalls in a succession of pure, majestic beauty, without words, without thoughts that are not aimed at slippery rocks, the choice of shots for photographs, the attempt to bring home as many images as possible of such beauty ...

Then, at the right time, the end of canyon and the beginning of another part of the adventure: returning to the car on an unverified path, of which I have no news. A couple of hours later I'm back on the road again, with the full moon and the mountains in the sunset light.

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