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Fosso della Tiglia

Fosso della Tiglia is a fossil canyon that goes steep to river Nera. The interesting part is a tight, awesome narrow in pink scaglia, whose only fault is ending too soon.

Name Fosso della Tiglia
Area Umbria
Nearest village Cerreto di Spoleto
Elevation loss 240 m
Length 650 m
Highest cascade 9 m
Rock Pink scaglia
Shuttle No
Explored by Alessandro Cavalieri, Nilio Conti, Carlo Gatti; 1991


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I remember ...

It was a fast trip! The approach path, clearly visible and free of annoying vegetation, brought us sooner than expected in the heart of the solitary valley of Tiglia. Going down the valley we came soon to a narrow whose stateliness we did not expect. And soon the narrow gave way to a steep slope of debris that took us at the end of the trip sooner than we expected.

We would certainly appreciated a longer canyoning trip ... but the beauty of what we had seen and lived in the half-day there was enough anyway!

Photos and video by Michele Angileri, Andrea Pucci

Copyright © 2002- Michele Angileri. All rights reserved.