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Gola della Stella

The rupestrian hermitage of Madonna della Stella is located in a place that seems to be made for hosting a hermitage: in the woods, away from the village, in the middle of the high and impressive (and landsliding!) rock wall which ends the short and steep gorge of a perennial stream, near sources of good water.
The hermitage church is, unfortunately, almost always closed by a grating. But you can visit what remains of the hermit cells, carried out in rock wall grottos. You can also take a look at the stream that comes from the gorge, stopping almost immediately because a waterfall prevents you from going over.

And if what you are looking for are just the waterfalls that prevent you from going over, you can return here equipped with rope, harness and wetsuit and go down the easy cascades of Stella canyon.

Name Gola della Stella
Area Umbria, Valnerina
Nearest village Poggiodomo
Elevation loss 135 m
Length 300 m
Highest cascade 15 m
Rock Travertine limestone
Shuttle Possible
Explored by ???
Re-explored by Michele Angileri and Andrea Pucci; june 16 2013


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I remember ...

I have no news of previous canyoning descents of the Stella canyon apart from our own, but the canyon was covered in full before us to install a hose that brings to the hermitage the water taken from a spring located upstream of the gorge itself. Moreover someone put on the c15 a fixed rope which allows climbing the fall.

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