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Fosso Paraturo

At the foot of Rotonda village, the abundant waters of Fosso Paraturo flow through a short gorge featuring two nice waterfalls. A tourist path that starts from the alleys of the village reaches Fosso Paraturo by the ruins of an ancient mill, and continues to a point on the side of the narrows from which you can admire the Demon Waterfall (the first of the two). Alongside the path, a few benches and some children's garden games allow you to comfortably enjoy the coolness of the place, which is particularly appreciable in summer.

But, of course, to fully appreciate the coolness and the water games of Paraturo you need wetsuits and ropes ...

Name Fosso Paraturo
Area Basilicata
Nearest village Rotonda
Elevation loss 100 m
Length 1250 m
Highest cascade 17 m
Rock Limestone, conglomerate
Shuttle No
Explored by Giuseppe Antonini, Pasquale Larocca; May 28th 2016
Lower canyon: Michele Angileri, Alessandra De Simone, Carla Minisci, Saverio Talerico; August 17th 2020


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I remember ...

I had known about the exploration of the Paraturo since some years, but I decided to put it in the to do list only when I began to suspect that there was something else downstream the explored section.

And yes, there was something else but not what I suspected.

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