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Torrente Lorda

Between Longano and Sant'Agapito the copious waters of Lorda creek flow through a solitary, wooded valley featuring gorges, waterfalls and large pools enclosed between low walls. Hikers travel along the sides of the valley on paths that lead to some beautiful spots of the canyon, but obviously you can fully admire the Lorda gorges only by a canyoning style descent.
A descent not to be underestimated due to its length and water flow capable of creating dangerous passages.

Name Torrente Lorda
Area Molise
Nearest village Sant'Agapito
Elevation loss 220 m
Length 4 km
Highest cascade 5 m
Rock Limestone
Shuttle Needed
Explored by Intermediate part: G.Antonini, P. Santinelli; spring 2008
Lower part: G.Antonini, M.Arcaro; 9 dicembre 2016
Upper part: M. Angileri; 23 luglio 2022


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I remember ...

There was a lot of water, golly! I proceeded trying to avoid passages that appeared dangerous... I went around them by climbing onto ledges and abseiling back to creekbed.
The water was quite cold, even in late July! however, the scorching air that reached the open parts of the gorge warmed the body, and there was no need to wear another piece of wetsuit.
The canyon was long and I was beginning to feel tired. But very soon I was on the edge of a pool, large and clear, and swimming through it made fatigue disappear.
And the environment and the gorge were beautiful, even more than I had imagined.
And the day flowed serene and strong like the water of Lorda stream.

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