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Riu Gilisedda

In the wide solitude of Barbagia SŤulo lies the valley of Riu Gilisedda, so well hidden that you might never find it by chance. Here shepherds can be counted on fingers: 14 shepherds in the whole Esterzili area. People went away from here to continental Europe. Moreover this part of Sardinia is still unknown to tourists, hikers, mountaineers.

How not being attracted by a place like this? especially if the pools of Riu Gilisedda are calling ...

Name Riu Gilisedda
Area Sardegna, Barbagia di Seulo
Nearest village Esterzili
Elevation loss 130 m
Length 3 km
Highest cascade 6 m
Rock Metamorphic sandstones and pelites
Rating3 (summer), 4 (spring)
Shuttle Possible (and recommended) with 2 SUVs.
Explored by Michele Angileri and Andrea Pucci; july 14 2007


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I remember ...

So here we are, in this wide solitude. Surely summer is the worst season to be here, but we are lucky, because this is the coolest july since many many years. The clearest air opens to our eyes the wide landscape all around.
The stream is down there ... Looks not easy to get, even harder to come up at the end. But, as I said, we are lucky. And though in Gilisedda we didn't found the immense walls and dark corridors we had dreamed, though the gear which made our backpacks heavy needed not to be brought, though the canyon was easy to descend, with no thrills ... I think, yes, it was worth because the beautiful pools and the charming solitude of this place.

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